Private Investigation

"An end achieved through sufferings
is better than endless sufferings!"

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The object of the agency activity comprises:

  • Investigation of conduct and public morality of a person (observation in public, shadowing, etc.);
  • Investigation of children behavior, their company and concealed occupations;
  • Complex investigation of the background of the children subject to be adopted and their families;
  • Investigation of the background of a future husband/wife, son-in-law/daughter-in-law under all aspects;
  • Investigation into kinship, when a person does not know parents;
  • Investigation into acts attesting the relation degree with certain persons;
  • Investigation into documents attesting rights and obligations on the participation in the mass of the succession;
  • Investigation into rights and obligations of the spouses on the community property in case of division;
  • Investigation and check-up of missing persons;
  • Investigation into attesting of the investments made in a movable or immovable property comprising subject of dispute;
  • Investigation into address, occupation and lifestyle of a person (home address identification, data on civil status, employment, etc.)
  • Investigation of premarital relationships and relationships after marriage;
  • Investigation of spouse fidelity;
  • Investigation of places and periods of abroad traveling and within the country;
  • Mortgage, cadastre, testamentary investigation;
  • Investigation into search of evidence and disproving evidence necessary for the trial;
  • Investigation of other information necessary for the trial for defense lawyers;
  • Investigation into search and identification of the witnesses of events, which are subjects of dispute;
  • Investigation of the activity not contradicting the laws and not included in the exclusive competency of the state security services.

The services are of various character, but it is necessary to note that all problems are individually different, that’s why pay attention when studying the services sections. If you fail to find the section related to your problem, do not despair, contact us at the telephone number: +373 691-50-691.

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